FTF Membership Eligibility:

Membership is open to individuals who are veterans or first responders (active, in transition, or discharged) that have received challenges while serving, as well as their families. We recognize that families of the brave men and women who serve for our country are impacted by the intense nature of this type of work.  Potential members must provide proof of service and documentation showing assistance for their ailments caused through service.


FTF Policy:

  • Counseling – FTF mentors do not counsel members.  FTF vets out licensed counselors to assist our members.  FTF mentors support a community of members with like experiences, instill camaraderie, and guide members through their daily challenges. 
  • Confidentiality – FTF keeps all members information confidential, including names and identities of all members.  In addition details of research data is not published, unless authorized. 
  • Marketing/Social Media – Fit for the Fight takes pride in knowing all members personally and vows to continue to do so even as the organization grows over time. FTF refrains from using any member’s information on FTF marketing materials, website, photographs, social media, or other promotional areas, so as to protect individuals’ privacy and not drive donations based on a service member’s personal hardships.



To apply for FTF membership please use form below: 

Access to FTF Member forum (Approved Members Only):