As a United States Marine with over thirteen years of experience, it’s hard to find individuals with the same energy, motivation, and devotion outside of the military. I was recommended to FTF through a colleague while stationed at Ft. Sam Houston. After just a few days of meeting FTF representatives I found exactly those qualities. Rarely have I found someone who is willing to share their experiences, but also continually provide mentorship as well. Without the assistance of these venue types, it might be possible to provide the mentorship that so many people want, but it would not be possible to produce the sound mind, body, and camaraderie that so many individuals need.
— USMC Service Member

What We Do


Fit for the Fight aligns with other respectable nonprofit organizations and the community to support our members’ needs through quality programs. Each initiative aims to maintain or advance members’ mental and physical well being, keeping in line with the FTF mission to provide supports that encourages the healing process.

The focus of FTF is on creating a successful future for veterans and first responders, through mentorship and focused programs. Current programs that we offer include physical fitness initiatives, counseling for individuals or families, career advisory, internships, and social activities that encourage camaraderie between members.


In order to instill success we breakdown our programs into the following categories:

  • Mental Health Services

  • Physical Health Services

  • Career / Transition Support Services

  • Mentorship and Intervention Support

  • Research and Collaboration To Advance Treatment Of PTSD 


A detailed list of our program categories are below and are offered to our members free of charge, at a discounted rate, or offered through collaboration:

1. Mental Health Services

  • Counseling – IOP Support Group
  • Counseling – Direct Counseling through vetted licensed counselors.
  • Emergency Impatient Care – Impatient emergency care outreach
  • IOP Principal work – Community outreach
  • FTF Community Support (24/7)

2. Physical Health Services

  • Physical fitness program (Complimentary gym memberships)
  • MMA program (Complimentary MMA memberships)
  • Outdoor recreational opportunities
  • Physical therapy (Partnership with other 501c (3) organizations)

3. Career/ Transition Support Services

  • Military Transition assistance
  • Resume writing and employment outreach assistance
  • FTF Database with resources for health insurance, financial information, etc.
  • VA network assistance

4. Mentorship and intervention support

  • FTF mentors are promoted within the program (Prior service is required)
  • FTF mentors daily via support and get together (Working out, Art, etc)
  • FTF support community (FTF member events to promote camaraderie)
  • Crisis intervention support (24/7, assists before and after emergency care)
  • Program for reintegration into community


To protect the FTF mission, we require that 60 percent of our board members have prior service in the military, law enforcement, or firefighting. Currently, 80 percent of our organization’s officers, including the CEO and Directors, not only handle the daily operations but are also members of the FTF mentorship program and have a prior service history. Having this personal experience provides us the ability to understand accurately and address members’ needs.


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