V1 Maverick - All Secure Foundation Fund Raise

V1 Maverick - All Secure Foundation Fund Raise



100% of COST/Proceeds will be DONATED to the All Secure Foundation.

The first Maverick LLC t-shirt is now available.  Our mission is to assist veterans, LEO, and firefighters by providing vetted resources for treatment purposes related to service through raising funds. Through a vetting process we can insure that all raised funds go to the families in need through non-profits. Supporting great causes is important and we will continue to do through apparel fund raisers a couple of times a year.

All Secures mission is to provide resources for treatment to retired Special Operation veterans, their spouses and family, with vetted nonprofits, facilities, and individuals. https://www.allsecurefoundation.org

All Secure is a 2018 Top Rated Great Non Profit per greatnonprofits.org. 95%+ funds go back to the cause.

All sales final.  

50% Cotton/ 50% Poly Dry Blend

Printed in the United States!

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